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Frequently Asked Questions...

What equipment do you use?
We use all Nikon digital equipment. We have 2 Nikon d700's with a variety of fixed and zoom Nikkor lenses {my favorite is the 50mm 1.4}. We just got in a Nikkor 85 mm 2.8 tilt+shift lens... so get excited cause this baby makes some awesome photos! We use a SB900 flash and the Radiopopper Jrx System with SB600s. We have plenty of back-up equipment, so don't worry... you'll be covered!

How long will it take us to get our pictures?
For a portrait session, it takes about 2 weeks. For a wedding, on average it takes 6-8 weeks.  

Do you travel for weddings?
Umm... Yes! Traveling is right up there with photography on our list of things that WE LOVE. We will travel to any destination to capture your special day. Granted, you will need to provide for our travel and lodging costs if we get too far away from Conyers, GA!

What should we wear for our session?
This is a great question! The first thing I tell clients is to not be too "matchy matchy". Leave the white shirts and blue jeans at home, and instead bring some color and personality to your session. Layers, accessories, props, they are all welcome! For the fashion challenged, pick a color or two {like shades of blue and green} that you can all accent with! For most sessions there is the option of a wardrobe change. If you aren't quite sure, bring a couple of outfits and I'll help you pick out what is best!

Do you offer free newborn shoots?
I no longer offer free newborn shoots. Now that my little guy is here {he was born this past February}, I have decided that once he got here, I would no longer offer the free newborn shoots. I am still offering scheduled newborn shoots for a nominal fee. Newborn shoots are still my favorite thing to shoot! 

How should I prepare for a newborn shoot?
All newborn sessions are done in the newborn baby's home. Go ahead and get together any props that you might want me to use during the session {blankets, baskets, hats, vintage chairs, your baby shoes from when you were born, you get the idea}. I will bring some of my own things, but I love using items that are meaningful to you. Before I arrive, turn the heat up a little bit so that the house is nice and toasty for our session. We want the newborn to sleep through the session, and trust me, this helps! Make sure the little babe is fed and down to his/her diaper for when I arrive. I like to start with the nude photos and then work from there. I'll scope out a room with lots of natural light and set-up camp there. Have some towels and burp clothes handy to help clean up any messes, because there will be messes! Newborn sessions are the longest lasting sessions of all {sometimes 2 hr+}. I'm very patient and allow for as many snuggle breaks as you {and baby} need!

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