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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jess & Yogi : Forsyth, Ga Engagement

Ok, so here is an engagement shoot that is full of sweetness, laughs, and lots and lots of rain!

 First let's talk about Jess and Yogi... I am pretty sure that these two were desitined for eachother due to their shared love of Chacos, children, and Jesus. I went to college with Jess. I always thought she was a pretty cool chick. Then after college I had the privilege of working with her at a summer camp. I got to see a totally different side of her that was sillier and maybe even a little bit gangsta {this girl can pop-it, lock-it, polka-dot-it...} And that was the summer that she met her future husband Yogi! I hear it wasn't love at first sight... but you wouldn't be able to tell with the way these two couldn't keep their eyes off of eachother!

We did the shoot down at Camp Kaleo, which is where it all started {don't quote me... but I bet it was Yogi's super-sweet short shorts and mid-drift tee during the battle ball game that did it for Jess...}. We did their pictures during a thunderstorm, but the two lovebrids were good sports, and we were able to get some adorable shots. Here are some of the highlights from the day...

Thanks Jess and Yogi! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in December!

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  1. katey,
    i absolutely love them! thank you so much for everything! i can't wait for you to shoot our wedding either!