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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to Life : {post wedding bliss}

Yes, it's me, back and ready to blog some photos! It's just been way too long! I am now a married woman and loving it! Now that I am back to life as normal, I wanted to share some of my bridal portraits {the real wedding goods will be up in a few weeks from the EVER SO TALENTED Red Fly Studio} and some pictures we took on our honeymoon. These bridal portraits were taken by my little sister Megan and editted by me :)

Now to the fun stuff. We went to DC for our honeymoon and here are some pictures from all of our adventures!

This is an amazing Chuck Close portrait done completely with his fingerprints!

The night we got to DC was the same night that Obama announced that they had gotten Osama. We drove out to the White House around midnight to check out all the celebrations. It was pretty crazy and an amazing experience that we will never forget!

If you are ever in DC, you've GOT to hop over to Georgetown and check out Georgetown Cupcakes! They have a show on TLC and their cupcakes are DELICIOUS! I got the cookies and cream cupcake... YUM!

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