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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Stephens : Bethlehem, GA Wedding Photographer

I always forget how long it takes to put together a blog post for a wedding! It's past my bedtime and I'm finally done! Here is the preview for Jess and Yogi's wedding! These two had a New Years Eve wedding that was very sweet and Christ-centered. One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was during the ceremony when they were both barefoot, symbolizing sacred ground and the sacred ceremony that they were taking part in. These two are real peaches. After the reception, they even let me take them to a random field for some more portraits of just the two of them. They had their wedding and reception at Bethlehem 1st United Methodist Church. 

My husband shot this wedding with me, and it was nice to get a "guy's perspective". He was also able to get some great shots during the ceremony which I wasn't able to get {one of the perks of having 2 photographers}. Alrighty, I'm starting to fall asleep... so here they are!



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