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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kelly & Micah : McDonough, GA Wedding Photographer

Ok, so awhile back I got to shoot a wedding with THE AMAZING AUDRA STARR in McDonough, GA at Eagles Landing Baptist Church. Everything about this wedding was perfect. The groom was such a gentleman, the bride was a sweetheart, and the whole bridal party laughed convincingly on cue! What more could a photographer ask for? Oh, and did I mention how beautiful this couple is {inside and out}. I may have gone a little over board on the bridal portraits, but Kelly looked so stunning, and this was my first wedding testing out my new 85 mm tilt+shift lens. The color palette was also so breathtaking. The pale pinks were so feminine and classy. Alrighty, enough of me drooling over the details... take a look for yourself!

Let's start this thing off with a behind the scenes look at Audra doing what she does best {did I mention how much I love to work with her?}.

And now to this delicious wedding!
I absolutely LOVE peonies, such an awesome bouquet!
Like I said... I got a little obsessed :)
These ladies must have watched some Tyra before the wedding...

And... that's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed them!

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