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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Julia Class of 2014 : Madison, GA Portrait Photographer

I have known Julia for ten years. We hung out pretty much every day throughout my college days in Milledgeville, GA. One summer we made a list of things to do that summer. It consisted of things like: swim, explore Goat Island, play with puppies at Petland, and start a world-wide musical. Jules has grown into such an amazing young woman! She has so many strengths and talents. First of all, she is one smart cookie. She is hoping to go to UGA when she graduates. Not only is she smart, but she is pretty sporty. Julia can kill with a frisbee {I'm not joking, she can literally kill you with a frisbee... watch out}. Anywho, I love Jules so much and was so glad that I got to do her senior pictures. I still can't believe she is graduating! Go do great things Julia!


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