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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adkins Family : Snellville, GA Portrait Photographer

Ok, so I have a special family for you tonight!  As many of you know, I got married this past April. We pretty much DIY'ed the whole thing and I tried to be as thrifty and creative as possible during the planning. My friends and family were AMAZING in the way they pulled through with help and favors. One small (yet very important) part of the day was getting my hair done. Luckily... my sister's boyfriend's mother (not twice removed) does hair! In this tough economy I am not opposed to bartering! She said she would do my hair if I would take some much needed family pictures for her (she said they hadn't had family pictures done in like over 15 years!!!) As the holiday season came rolling around, the Adkins decided to cash in on the favor, and here are their pictures! These guys are a hoot! (To see what a GREAT job Dawn did on my hair go HERE and checkout Red Fly Studio's blog!)

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