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Monday, December 12, 2011

Charly & Randy : Atlanta, GA Wedding Photographer

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. McGinley!!!!! These two cuties got married at the end of October and I had the pleasure of being able to capture their wedding! Charly and I worked together at Provinos when we were in high school {it's still my FAVORITE Italian restaurant}. There were so many things that I loved about their wedding. One of my favorite things was Charly's dress. The back of it was drop dead gorgeous! The reception location was also really neat. They had it at The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. These two are so easy and comfortable in front of the camera! They are so in love and know how to have fun. I wish you guys many many years of happiness! Ok, I'll quit blabbing and get you to the pictures. I had too many favorites, so there are lots to see! And thanks again to Katey Follett for 2nd shooting with me! Enjoy!

Ok, this part was so cute! They wrote their own vows, and Charly had her's written on these pink postcards. When she opened them up they unfolded and fell all the way to the floor! The whole place burst into laughter!

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